We have structured ourselves as a modern company, with a light organizational structure that allows a quick adaptation to the environment, within a dynamic and challenging line of business such as home hospitalization. The company is distinguished by its focus on excellence and continuous quality improvement, which has led it to become a valid representative for public health authorities, insurance company, vendors and other industry players, even though home hospitalization in Chile is still an unregulated industry.

The company currently has an average of 100 patients of varying complexity and access. In addition, it handles “special” projects with the public health sector, collaborating with the country’s healthcare network, providing a service of vital importance to comply with national healthcare parameters and standards. During the Covid19 pandemic, Xinermed played a leading role at the national level in this function.

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Meet the Chilean team

Mario Jerez Espina

CEO Xinermed S. A.

Engineer with education in the direction of companies and economy, with over 20 years of experience in management in the health sector, both public and private. Director of the National Supply System for Health Services during five years and CEO of various private health companies.

Jorge Cabrera

Business Development Manager

Professional with vast management experience in the commercial area, leading sales teams, fuck using on results and operational quality. 18 years of development in the health industry in the pharmaceutical, supplies, and personnel areas.

Hector Romero

Finance Manager

Accountant an auditor with over 30 years of experience in finance, accounting and comptrolling in important companies of the productive and service sectors. Vast experience in the development management and implementation of projects and capabilities of teamwork.

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