Who are we?

We are the leading technological platform in Latin America for home healthcare. We have the highest precision and have operations in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

We contribute to the wellbeing of our customers in the treatment of their health condition through the efficient use of technology and innovation.

Our history


In 2013, the FarmaLatam project began when a group of friends and acquaintances, professionals and experts in different areas of technology, started talking about joining their work in favor of an innovative venture. The idea was innovative. Offering the full prescription at the best price in the comfort of any home nationwide, we managed to help patients in need.

By the end of 2013, the idea was already underway and opened operations in Colombia. With the work and dedication of the entrepreneur and CEO of FarmaLatam, José Joaquín Mora, external investors began to enter the company, such as the Swiss fund HBM Healthcare Investments, which supports companies dedicated to the health sector, giving it a boost for its progress and acceleration in the market.

In 2014, operations began in Mexico. With almost two years of work, Farmalatam was already present in two Latin American countries had more than 7,000 active products in its catalogs and 40 collaborators supporting the company's efforts in the different areas that were added.


Between 2015 and 2017, FarmaLatam impacts pharmaceutical laboratories and companies in the health sector that were interested in digital marketing to transform their presence in the market. Since then, the company has started to open business units that not only meet the needs of patients and caregivers, but also those of pharmaceutical laboratories that want to showcase their products and traditional companies in the health sector that want to be part of the digital world.

Present in Latin America, FarmaLatam has partnered with drugstore chains and transportation companies, which have allowed the brand to reach any place in Colombia and Mexico. It currently provides digital marketing and e-commerce services to companies such as Cafam, Abbott Laboratories, Novartis, Bayer, Farmaenlace Group, Reckitt Benckiser, among others

Over time, FarmaLatam has not only offered support to caregivers and patients through the confidential and timely delivery of their medicines and pharmaceutical products; but its objective has gone one step further: as defined by the World Health Organization, "a health system is the sum of all organizations, institutions and resources whose main objective is to improve health." Since then, it has the vision of "Being the best digital health system in Latin America".


As of May 2018, the first virtual HPI in Colombia, Care24, was enabled by the Secretariat of Health of Bogota, which complements the objective of the organization: to provide health services at home, avoiding the need to move from place to place and with access to various payment methods.

In 2019 FarmaLatam arrives in Peru, the 3rd country in the region where it opened operations. At its opening, the organization entered the Inca market supporting several pharmaceutical laboratories in the commercialization of their products. This allowed it to have an exponential and differential growth. In 2020 FarmaLatam stands out as one of the most innovative companies and ideas to overcome the economic crisis that society was going through due to the ravages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Diario La República. In all the countries where FarmaLatam is operating, the organization has stood out as a support to patients and major players in the pharmaceutical sector for the improvement of patients' quality of life.

In December 2020 FarmaLatam receives funds for more than 18 million dollars from major international investors such as IDB Invest, HBM Healthcare Investments and Morgan Rio, becoming the 4th Startup to raise the largest investment in dollars in the history of Colombia. Between 2020 and 2021 Farmalatam strategically strengthened its technology by making alliances and investments in Oracle, SaleForce and Genesys, to ensure it has the best healthcare technology platform in the region, complying with safety and quality guidelines according to HIIPA and approved by the FBA.

By 2021 FarmaLatam acquires the majority shareholding of Xinermed in Chile and thus enters the southern market, offering home medical services, being the 4th country where FarmaLatam has presence in Latin America.

In 2022 FarmaLatam launches the first health technology ecosystem capable of delivering medical services with one click and build programs designed for disease control and prevention in a personalized way using artificial intelligence and big data.

Our Mission,Vision and Values

Farmalatam began as a groundbreaking idea that sought to help patients find their medicines and pharmaceutical products at home, at the best price using any payment method. Today, it is the leading technological platform for home health care in Latin America, with national coverage in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.